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Thread: Virtual Insanity - Kay-Smith (Jamiroquai)

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    Default Virtual Insanity - Kay-Smith (Jamiroquai)

    Tried to optimise Some Chords

    Virtual Insanity - Jamiroquai (Kay-Smith)
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    There's an error. Did you fix it?

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    When writing a chart in irb, sometimes one must choose between a chart that will play start to finish by the player feature (yet not be east to read in performance) and a chart that that provides the musician with information they can follow regarding the song's intended (sometimes complicated) form. Although the in-app player understands some instructions, complicated, lengthy arrangements are confusing to the player and result in error messages. This great app was designed to provide the basic information about a song in just a small, single-page format. (pocket-fakebook) the player feature was added as a PRACTICE tool and never intended for long performance arrangements. That some use the irb player in performance, speaks to the great work by the developer.
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