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Thread: Groovehansi list

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    Default Groovehansi list

    Howling At The Moon - Unknown Composer

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    U Grass (40)

    1. Ah Spring - Chris Thile
    2. Amanda's Reel - Kenny Smith
    3. Baltimore Johnny - Unknown Composer
    4. Banks Of The Ohio - Unknown Composer
    5. Barndance Nr 6 - Unknown Composer
    6. Blackberry Blossom - Traditional
    7. Blacks Fork - Unknown Composer
    8. Boston Boy - Bill Monroe
    9. Church Street Blues - Unknown Composer
    10. Cluck Old Hen - Unknown Composer
    11. Collen Mallone - Unknown Composer
    12. Copenhagen Breakdown - Michael Staun
    13. Durang's Hornpipe - Traditional
    14. E.M.D. - David Grisman
    15. Foggy Mt Breakdown - Unknown Composer
    16. Glen Rock - Unknown Composer
    17. Hop High - Unknown Composer
    18. Howling At The Moon - Unknown Composer
    19. I Hung My Head - Unknown Composer
    20. Ice On The Road - Unknown Composer
    21. Jesse James 1 - Unknown Composer
    22. Kitchen Girl - Unknown Composer
    23. Last Night's Fun - Unknown Composer
    24. Liza Jane - Adam Steffey
    25. Quicksburg Rondezvous - Unknown Composer
    26. Rabbit In The Log - Unknown Composer
    27. Rebecca - Unknown Composer
    28. Red Light Distrect - Michael Staun
    29. Salt Creek - Traditional
    30. Say Darlin Say - Unknown Composer
    31. Shady Grove - Unknown Composer
    32. Sierras Waltz - Unknown Composer
    33. Solitary Man - Unknown Composer
    34. St Annes Reel - Traditional
    35. Sweet Georgia Brown 1 - Pinkard-Casey-Bernie
    36. Sweet Georgia Brown 2 - Fra: Jazz Chord Bogen Nettet)
    37. Theres More Pretty Girls - Unknown Composer
    38. Tillery Cove - Unknown Composer
    39. Whayasay - Sam Bush
    40. While There Getting's Good - Unknown Composer

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    Im Leavin You Behind - Unknown Composer

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    Sharing Playlists

    Nice list.

    Imagine for a moment if every member posted the same songs in *random* playlists over and over starting separate threads each time. The Forums would quickly become overloaded with duplicates and be un-searchable.

    Also, because of slight differences in the charts, downloading the various playlists can result in many duplicate titles in your library.

    Please use the search feature (magnifying glass icon at the top of the page) to check before posting duplicates in the main forums.

    Always include composer information on charts posted in the forums.
    Google is your friend.

    Post personal playlists of previously posted charts in the SANDBOX forum.
    Admin will purge posts in the sandbox from time to time.
    To archive your playlists, use personal email, Dropbox etc.

    The main song forums are for the benefit of all and you are encouraged to share NEW songs and arrangements.

    It's best to share NEW (to the forums) songs ONE AT A TIME (in the most appropriate forum) in their own (titled) thread to make them easy to find and download.

    Share different versions of already posted tunes in the discussion thread for that song. If there's not a thread for that title, you can start one. (Title: <song title - composer name(s)>

    It's also ok to share a playlist of songs by a single band/artist/composer.
    (Identified in the title)

    Please use the SANDBOX for personal use, gig-lists, transfers and testing.

    Thanks for sharing your list.
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