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    Just for a exercise, I'd like to transcribe the Basslines generated by Player (under iOS).

    I realize there are variations generated from verse to verse. Limiting myself to one style and one tune, how many verses would represent a good cross-section of the Player's Basslines? Again, staying with one style ad tune, would faster tempos and slower tempos use the same bassline construction?


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    I assume you are talking about walking bass lines in the jazz styles.
    There are between 4 and 10 variations for each chord depending on how common the chord qualities are.
    The variations are randomized so even after 10 choruses you might get some repeated lines while some other ones are missing.
    A simple way to transcribe these is to export a tune to midi and open it in a notation software like Sibelius.
    Tempo won't affect the choice in bass lines but choosing different styles that are optimized for different tempos will yield different lines (slow swing vs. up tempo swing for example)

    As a bass player myself though, I'd recommend that you rather transcribe Ron Carter, Ray Brown...


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    Thanks mucho, Massimo.

    I'll be using pencil & paper. I thought it would be a good first exercise for my ear, then move on to the Masters.


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    Quote Originally Posted by massimobio View Post
    As a bass player myself though, I'd recommend that you rather transcribe Ron Carter, Ray Brown...
    The seminal influence on my bassline sensibilities was Eugene Wright's work with Dave Brubeck. His root notes were always where they needed to be. He was the ideal sideman: solid, confident, creative - without getting in the way.

    Ah, for the good ol' days before Jaco made jazz bass players wannabe rock stars...
    There's two kinds of mistakes you can play: The ones you notice, and the ones somebody else might notice.

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