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Thread: Sending playlists as text files

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    Default Sending playlists as text files

    Is it possible to turn a playlist into a text file? I have a gigging playlist of almost 200 tunes in irealbook. Love to be able to print out a copy so I can see them all and call tunes.

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    I tried to post a 50 tune playlist to the forum as a private message to myself. I thought might be able to copy/paste that "list" on my computer. No joy. The message was too big for a private message.

    I don't know if posting your playlist to the public forum instead might work for you.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Beskrone View Post
    Is it possible to turn a playlist into a text file
    Hi Beskrone,
    we have this on one of our 'todo' lists.

    If you (or a friend) uses our Mac editor a list is generated this way:
    Playlist>Send>To other iPhone/iPod,
    email it to your Mac computer,
    Click on the Playlist name in the email,
    (Mac editor will open with the Playlist of songs)
    Click on the 'Playlist to device' button,
    and email will open with a list of all tunes in your playlist (as well as our code name/html for the playlist below this.)

    Or you can take a screenshot (press Home button and Sleep button simultaneously on your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad) for each screen of the playlist songs (you will need to do this several times if you have lots of songs in your playlist!)
    The screenshots are stored in your Photos album as .jpg files, so they are not useful in a word processor.
    [I know, not much use if you have 200 songs in it!]
    (but other users might find this useful)


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