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Thread: Any plans for a Dixie/Trad jazz player style?

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    Default Any plans for a Dixie/Trad jazz player style?

    Hi everyone! Firstly, great app Love it so much!

    The variety of the player styles is great, but I was wondering if it'd be possible to make a dixieland / trad jazz style player? The closest one at the moment is the gypsy one but that's not really the same.


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    My vote is for a tuba

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    We need a Dixieland style down here, and soon! Mardi Gras is coming, and we're a 3 piece group! Please say you will! Thanks...

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    +onefor dixie tunes.

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    Yep....tuba and banjo would be nice. Guitar is fine, but piano may be unnecessary. If it could have an option for straight time drums, too, all the better.
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    I agree , a Dixie would be fun but perhaps a bit tricky.
    I think they only have 4 tracks to work with.
    1) tuba bass.. that's probably easy
    2) strum banjo also easy
    3)trombone sliding from the 3rd to next chord tone ??
    4) drum
    I don't know what you could do with the clarinet or trumpet but you'd have to sacrifice the drum or trombone.

    So my request would be to have a Bluegrass 2
    with the 4th track as mandolin of guitar playing a solid 2 and 4.

    love the bluegrass setting

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    There are only 3 tracks. The 4th slider is for FX.

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    +1 to dixieland/trad jazz style.

    Perhaps easier - using the current instrumentation, some sort of a march style --- for examples, think about Saints Go Marching In, or Battle Hymn of the Republic, Closer Walk to Thee, Tiger Rag, ... the list goes on.

    thanks- GREAT app.

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    +1 on trad/dixie, but I'd be satisfied with any 2-beat something-or-other for now, even a version of the new 2 - 4 style minus the 4 would help!

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    As mentioned above, you might find the "Gypsy Jazz" style setting works in many cases when you want a simpler two-beat feel for trad jazz. (I even use it for most Western swing numbers.) However, there are times when a more authentic New Orleans "second line" style would come in handy. Maybe they'll get around to it before Mardi Gras 2014.
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