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Thread: Did I really lose all that?

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    Default Did I really lose all that?

    I just synched my iPod and accidently unchecked my irealbook app before disconnecting. I mediately reloaded it off my mac...All my original charts and downloaded charts are gone! WTF! Anyone know if I can get them back?

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    Sorry to hear that. Did you use the Mac editor on your computer, or did you do a periodic backup?

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    That's how all iPhone applications work. If you delete them from the iPhone all the data will be lost. Apple's design.
    That's why there are tips everywhere to do regular backups of your original songs.
    The forums song you downloaded can easily be re-downloaded.
    The only (tricky) solution I can come up with is if you have a time machine backup: revert to an earlier version of your iPhone backup bundle and restore the iPhone with that.


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