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Thread: Bluestacks

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    Thank you Melissa
    That info may help others.

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    May 2021
    BlueStacks is trialing v5 (beta) for free download currently (May 2021).

    Information from our users:
    If you delete your Bluestacks v4 (or older) and download v5 you will probably lose your apps and data. Before you do this, please backup your iReal Pro songs (More screen > Backup) and either email the backup file to yourself or save to Drive (or similar) or transfer to your PC environment first.
    (You might want to backup or export any other data/files in your other Android apps, or stored in internal memory (like downloads) also.)

    It seems you can download v5 (beta) without having to delete v4, but need to install apps and set up v5 again. (Perhaps BlueStacks provides a transfer procedure so you do not need to reinstall everything again, please check their website.)

    BlueStacks 5 emulates Android 7.1.2 Nougat, this means it will run the same version of iReal Pro as v4 does (iReal Pro 2020.7). This is no longer the current version of iReal Pro, but the Play Store has the older version and should automatically install this version when you download.

    If the Play Store asks for payment and you have previously purchased iReal Pro (from the Play store) and are signed in with the account you purchased iReal Pro with see this information.

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    Default Windows 7

    Will ireal pro work on a windows 7 laptop and if so what browsers are supported?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobcat1254 View Post
    Will ireal pro work on a windows 7 laptop and if so what browsers are supported?
    Read this



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