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Thread: Some Of These Days - Shelton Brooks

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    Default Some Of These Days - Shelton Brooks

    Some of these days

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    It's posted in Gypsy Jazz

    Some Of These Days (G)

    Also posted under Trad

    Some Of These Days - www-tradjazz-ru
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    Anyone have this with the verse?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sourbirthdayprincess View Post
    Anyone have this with the verse?
    I used the two 2/4 bars to reflect Ethel Waters timing in the youtube example you provided.
    To do it "square", just edit and remove the 2/4 time sig's.

    Some Of These Days VERSE - Shelton Brooks (1910)

    And here included on the song's chart:

    Some Of These Days with VERSE - Shelton Brooks (1910)



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