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Thread: Windows version?

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    As an avid daily iRp user myself, I think perhaps the most useful "feature" of iRp is its convenient portability.

    I’m excited to have thousands of transposable chord charts in my pocket along with the versatile player feature. I can instantly use and share my charts anywhere with my smartphone or tablet.

    I researched current OS market share for portable devices:

    Android: 76.24%
    IOS: 22.48%
    Windows: 0.17%

    While I’m sure that Windows users would enjoy having iReal pro ported to their devices, I can’t conclude that a Windows version would be either cost or time effective to develop and support.

    iReal pro and the Forums are used everywhere in the world where there's internet. iRp compatible devices are inexpensively available. Even if you have a preference for Windows, I hope you find that the usefulness of iReal pro makes getting a compatible portable device well worth it.

    I frequently see folks at jam sessions sharing charts across the jam circle/bandstand (airdrop/email)
    Let's play!
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