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Thread: BUG: song info reverts to default when changing title info

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    Default BUG: song info reverts to default when changing title info

    We've been using this iPad app for gigs (It's been great) but have been dumbfounded to have our settings change.
    We use a notation system in the song title as to how many verses to solo, and the scale/key to use.

    I find that after making a change there, the song info reverts back to the default tempo for the style setting and then changes the number of loops to 3.
    We need to be able to keep our custom data intact.

    Now I know to watch out for it, but it's caused some uncomfortable moments onstage. Please fix asap.

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    Same Thing happens when a transposed song gets moved to another playlist.
    (I have a playlist for a band I sometimes sit in with. With lots of different keys. I moved songs from the complete list into specific lists for set 1 and 2 and ended up on stage with all the songs in the original keys instead of the custom keys... Very distressing

    Please advise or fix.


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    Player settings and transposition settings are independent for each playlist and for the main song list.

    If you change the settings of a song in a playlist they will be saved in conjunction with that playlist but not in the main list.
    Similarly, if you open a song from the main list and change its settings, it will not affect the settings you had saved for it in the playlist.

    This is a feature to allow you to have different playlists with the same song in it, in different keys and with different player settings.

    If you copy a song from one playlist to another it will copy the settings over to the new playlist.
    If you copy a song from the main list to a playlist, it will copy the settings from the main list into the playlist but if you only changed the settings of the song while it was in another playlist there are no settings to copy.

    I recommend that you open a song and look at the settings before you copy it to another list, because you might be copying it from the main list or from a playlist containing the wrong settings.

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    i never replied to your answer, which was a good one. made complete sense!

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