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Thread: Simple chord sequences for students to practice improvising

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    Default Simple chord sequences for students to practice improvising

    Improv tests (4 Songs)

    - FD improv test ex 1
    - FD2 improv test
    - Fd improv EX3
    - Fd improv ex 2

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    Hello scraggy, good charts.
    A few indications:
    - watch out for missing bar lines when you put repeats (the first song) - you don't need them, but they look better
    - why write out "min7" and "maj7"? You have all the chords you normally need in the picker: m7 or -7 (there's a switch in SETTINGS to choose - I like m7 better, for example), and ^ (or ^7 of you want the extra 7 - I prefer without, saves space). Also, the O and symbols without the 7 are the same as WITH the 7 (some like with, some without - you choose).
    - if you practice making charts, think about putting them in the SANDBOX, where posts are regularly deleted because they're tests. When you're sure of the chart, put it in an appropriate thread (perhaps there already is one, like "PRACTICE CHARTS", so check around before making a new one).

    Thanks for using the forums!


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