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Thread: Recover accidentally erased song

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    Default Recover accidentally erased song

    Hi, my baby was playing with my iPhone and edited a tune. He pressed the "erase" red button before I could stop him. I found out that he erased the tune "avalon". How can I recover this tune for my library?
    Thanks in advance.

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    If you have done a "backup" (that's where you email yourself the contents of your library and playlists) you can restore from that.
    If you haven't done a "backup" yet, do it now (through the "hub" icon).

    There are several versions of Avalon posted in the forums. You can find them by pasting this search-string in a google search field:


    You can also try using the search feature in the forums....
    If you find that Avalon is only available as part of a playlist, don't worry. Just download the playlist. The app will only actually download only the tunes that are different from what you already have in your index.


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