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Thread: Italian songs

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    I know that I used blank bars but I did it because in that way I can see better the structure in some pop songs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MariaTeresa View Post
    I know that I used blank bars but I did it because in that way I can see better the structure in some pop songs.
    Choose one chart as an example for me so I can understand you better.
    A goal of standardized chart lay-out is to better see song structure.

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    Overdose d'amore - Zucchero
    It's difficult to explain but for my "visual brain" it's more logical to see the structure in this way. I have the original music sheet and I can read it but I have always transcribed that kind of music sheets in my way to study them.

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    Here's how your chart is easier to understand for me.
    Without even needing to read the chords, I can see that there are two musical sections. The A part is repeated differently, the B part is the same twice.
    By designating number of repeats at the end of the repeating section, it is an additional "flag" for the repeat so I'm less likely to miss it (I hate it when I do that) and it's also a reminder to start my count-down. Also the rehearsal marks make it easier to discuss the song with other musicians. (eg. "Add a punch to bar 3 of the 2nd B"

    My world got easier when I began to separate and label song sections.

    Overdose d'amore 1 - Zucchero

    An added benefit is that rehearsal marks affect the behaviour of the player feature.
    IN is only played once at the beginning so using song repeats in the player is easier.
    Some styles play a variation for the B-section which complements the A-section and adds musical interest.

    Looking forward to more of your charts
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    Default O' Surdato 'nnammurat' - Aniello Califano

    O' Surdato 'nnammurat' - Aniello Califano
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    Quote Originally Posted by ganaian View Post
    O' Surdat 'nnammurat' - Trad
    Please remember to include correct composer information on charts posted in the forums.

    Thanks for sharing your chart

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