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Thread: jlmh007 Pop, Latin and Chinese list

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    Hola Muchachos, I uploaded 7 more songs to the second main list.

    Hope they are useful!


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    Please post additional new or updated charts according to our posting guidelines.

    Guidelines for posting charts:

    If you compile a playlist of just Chinese songs, please post it here:

    Thank you for sharing your charts.
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    Cool jlmh007's Pop, Rock, Latin and more!

    Dear muchachos!

    I am Luis, a proud user of iReal Pro for long time, maybe some of you know me from my old ireal pro post where I used to upload my lists, those playlists are still available here:

    There are more than 500 songs inside that thread that you can download individually song by song or the whole lists to your device.

    Unfortunately, that old thread is closed for new content so I move here to upload all my new transcribed songs. Hope you find them useful.

    Songs will be posted one by one. Maybe in the future I will try to find a way to have links to a cloud server for you to download all these new songs and the old lists.

    Thank you for your support and keep enjoying this awesome app.
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    Be sure to review the post immediately preceding your post before posting again.

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    UPDATE 2021- JULY:

    This thread is closed for posting new content so I moved my lists to dropbox, you can find the folder with 3 song lists here:

    I will continue sharing my new charts individually in the forums.

    Thank you for your support and keep enjoying this awesome app.


    Luis Moreno

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