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Thread: jlmh007 Pop, Latin and Chinese list

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    Diana (7)

    1. Lemon Tree - Unknown Composer
    2. Like A Prayer 1 - Madona
    3. One - Bono
    4. PROUD MARY - Unknown Composer
    5. Price Tag - Unknown Composer
    6. SUNNY - Feliciano Jose
    7. True Colors - Phil Collins
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    Hello Luis!

    I'm a keyboard player from germany.

    First i like to thank you for your postings! Just yesterday i downloaded iRealb for Android. Now i found your posting concerning the useful signs with examples. I just want to know how to import/use these signs on my android tablet. It would be kind, if you could help me. The time i can use this app, i will post some songs too.

    Best regards

    Henning Stenger

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    Default you are the first one to notice the special signs, thank you

    Hi Henning, thank you for your posting, I also own an android tablet, but i use it just for reading the scores, I don't do much editing there, what I would suggest is that you copy the post with the signs and paste and save it it in any android text editor with copy and paste features:

    ↓↑←→✠♩♪♬ㄩㄩ╕╕ฯ ґ><‹›^⇂↾≒ЛлㅃᄇПпШш|│┃║┆┇

    then manually choose and copy the signs you need from the text editor and paste them as text inside the measure you want to edit (copy and paste text).

    This is what I do with the ipad also. Copy and paste. Is tedious but the scores look better.

    Normally I edit my scores in iReal b for Mac (the computer version).

    I hope this post helped,


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    Here are some special characters I have found useful occasionally: ♭ ♮ ♯ ● ⁀ ‿ ┏ 3 ┓ ┗ 3 ┛ ⌈ 3 ⌉ ⌊ 3 ⌋ ⌜ 3 ⌝ ⌞ 3 ⌟

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    I feel good[/QUOTE]

    ... The author is James Brown, FYI... ;-)
    Live freely. Respect the planet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalokagathon View Post
    ... The author is James Brown, FYI... ;-)
    And the actual title of the song is "I Got You (I Feel Good)" FYI
    There's two kinds of mistakes you can play: The ones you notice, and the ones somebody else might notice.

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    Hello jlmh007.
    I took the liberty of correcting song structure according to instructions, so it also plays correctly. Of course, maybe I understood indications wrongly, so take it at face value.
    I'll go listen to the melody on the net!
    Ai hen Jiandan (Gig) 爱很简单 - Chinese Song 陶吉吉

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    Default Some Pop, Latin and Chinese Tunes

    Sharing Playlists

    Nice lists.

    *****Please post your personal gig setlists in the Sandbox (add to your sandbox thread at least every 2 months to keep it active because Admin may purge inactive threads from the sandbox from time to time.) and only post songs here that haven’t been posted before.

    Imagine for a moment if every member posted the same songs in *random* playlists over and over starting separate threads each time. The Forums would quickly become overloaded with duplicates and be un-searchable.

    Also, because of slight differences in the charts, downloading the various playlists can result in many duplicate titles in your library.

    Please use the search feature (magnifying glass icon at the top of the page) to check before posting duplicates in the main forums.

    Post personal playlists of previously posted charts in the SANDBOX forum.
    Admin will purge posts in the sandbox from time to time.
    To archive your playlists, use personal email, Dropbox etc.

    The main song forums are for the benefit of all and you are encouraged to share NEW songs and arrangements.

    It's best to share NEW (to the forums) songs ONE AT A TIME (in the most appropriate forum) in their own (titled) thread to make them easy to find and download.

    Share different versions of already posted tunes in the discussion thread for that song. If there's not a thread for that title, you can start one. (Title: <song title - composer name(s)>

    It's also ok to share a playlist of songs by a single band/artist/composer.
    (Identified in the title)

    Please use the SANDBOX for personal use, gig-lists, transfers and testing.

    Thanks for sharing your lists.
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    hei foon nei (喜欢你) - Beyond

    IG/FB/T: @opaulofranco

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