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Thread: How do I end a song on a different chord?

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    Default How do I end a song on a different chord?

    Hi, I have this solo section in a Big Band piece. To pratice I've created a score via the iRealPro App. However, the piece should end on the first chord of the score. I have tried multiple different things (including END), but they all don't seem to work.
    I know it's possible since my score of "All the things you are" ends two chords earlier.

    I really need some help here😅...

    Here's the score: Rhapsody In Blue - Stan Kenton

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards

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    Hi Pat

    First, a question:
    Is the score you used to create your iRp chart really written in three flats? (Eb)

    I ask because your chart doesn’t contain any Eb or C- chords.
    iRp’s automatic final “ta-da” ending chord is determined by the default key (selected and set on the editor’s info screen)
    The (invisible) END instruction is used to avoid that auto-ending or a written turnaround the final time.

    See if this chart will work for you: (if I correctly understand what you want)
    There are other different ways to write it.

    Rhapsody In Blue (solo)(Stan Kenton) - George Gershwin

    Always remember to include correct composer info on charts posted in the forums.


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