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Thread: Selectively importing songs from main playlists

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    Default Selectively importing songs from main playlists

    I just bought a new iPad and rather than restore my 10 year old song lists with thousands of songs I never play and too many duplicates to count, I thought I might try to start from scratch. When I went to import one the main playlists I discovered the option to import a selected song or the whole playlist. Very nice! However when I imported one song, the playlist went away and I was back on the screen to choose one of the main playlists. I re-opened the playlist I was in and I was back at song #1, so I had to scroll through the playlist to find the song I had just imported and restart my search from there. Although it is great to be able to selectively import a song from one of the main playlists, it is pretty tedious to selectively import much more than that.

    I can think of two ways to improve the import process:
    1. Don't close the playlist after importing one song, and don't change the song the user is viewing. This would allow the user to import one song, then quickly swipe left through the remaining songs until finding the next song to be imported.
    2. Present the user with a check box on the songs in the playlist and allow the user to browse through the playlist, checking off the desired songs. Change the "import song" button to "import selected songs" and allow the user to import all of the selected songs at once.

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