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Thread: Apple Vision Pro version?

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    Default Apple Vision Pro version?

    Hi, iRealPro! I practice guitar with a MacBook open for YouTube, Music, Backing tracks, etc., an iPad running iRealPro, and my phone out for metronome, voice memos, and tuner, all while hunching over and banging the neck of my guitar on my desk. It occurred to me that with a Vision Pro one could sit or stand in the middle of a room with good posture with all those apps floating around in space. Will a version of iRealPro be available on Vision Pro? Thank you!

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    Default Running on visionOS in iPad compatibility mode.

    I second this, as iRealPro is one of two essential apps in my collection. However... A few things to consider.
    A fully functioning and supported VisionOS app is very ambitious, especially in time for launch day (Feb. 2nd). The interactive capabilities and limitations of Vision Pro are still a mystery until the product is officially released and can be tested on the actual device (not just simulated). It will take time; many users were not able to secure an in-store pickup on launch day, and won't receive their products until March. Although, there is another route that my favorite "Sheet music organizer" app, "forScore" has taken.

    App developers are able to take their pre-existing iPAD apps, and make them run in iPad compatibility mode¬—essentially the same iRealPro you know and love, but running on Vision Pro and constrained to a window that closely matches an iPad¬’s aspect ratio in either portrait or landscape orientation. This would be much more attainable in a shorter amount of time, and I would love to see this as a starting point in our venture into spatial computing.

    Beyond that... the fact that visionOS uses EYE TRACKING and VOICE... is VERY exciting. Editing chord charts quickly by just looking at a chord and touching your fingers together. Using voice dictation just to say the name of a chord, or say 4 measures of Bb6, 2 measures of F7.

    If there are plans for an iRealPro VisionOS app in iPAD compatibility mode, please release a statement that we can share on social media, as I would love to promote my favorite music accompaniment app on this medium/platform.

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    Iíve had my Vision Pro for about a week now. If beta testers are needed, sign me up!

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