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Thread: Transposing charts for Baritone Guitar

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    Default Transposing charts for Baritone Guitar

    Hello everyone,

    I just got a baritone guitar, tuned a 4th below standard (BEADF#B).
    I want to duplicate my current tunes in standard tuning and transpose only the pitch/playback, leaving the written chords intact...
    I'm going nuts trying different combinations of SET a SET AND TRANSPOSE, but I'm getting lost.

    Could any good soul explain me the exact steps I have to do?
    As an example, I'm trying to obtain "This masquerade" staying written in F-, but played in C... (if it's possible)

    thank you in advance

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    Default Transposing charts for Baritone Guitar

    Transposed instruments (mostly brass and reeds) make sounds in a different key than the notes displayed on their sheet music. iReal pro is able to accommodate many transposed instruments with the transposing instrument function.

    The transposing instrument function is “global”. It affects ALL the charts in your library while in use.

    It’s like having, for example, a “Bb Fakebook” instead of a “C Fakebook”. That doesn’t mean that all the songs are in Bb, but rather transposed for a Bb instrument. The player will still remain in Concert Key.

    Concert key:
    This is the pitch of the music that is heard by the listener.

    If I understand your request correctly, you want the player’s concert key to be C- but the chords displayed in F-.


    While playing your Bari-guitar, set the transposing instrument function to G.

    You can do that by following the instructions linked to above…
    or… while viewing a chart, display the player controls and select the chart’s key. Don’t touch or change the key choices displayed. At the top of the pop-up transposition screen you will find a small trumpet icon. Select that, then choose G.

    Play In C- Concert- Read In F- - Example

    Be sure to reset the transposing instrument function to C to use iRp with other non-transposing instruments.

    Note: at no time did we use “SET” or “SET AND TRANSPOSE”.
    those are used when setting or changing (hard transpose) the chart’s default concert key in the editor (which always thinks and displays in the charts default concert key, as currently set)


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