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Thread: Azure-Te - Bill Davis-Don Wolf

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    Default Azure-Te - Bill Davis-Don Wolf

    Posting as I couldn't see this up here

    Azure-Te - Donald E. Wolf / Bill. E Davis

    Edited chart to fix initial issue : duplicate was actually updated version 😄
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    Your intentions in using bar-repeat signs is not clear.
    See if this will help you clarify your chart.

    Bar Repeat Signs, Slash, N-C- - Example - Example


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    Azure-Te 1 - Donald E. Wolf / Bill. E Davis

    Added a slash (/) in two bars. Without a slash, the delayed chord will play at the start of the measure.

    Added N.C. to the “drum fill” measure. The player will skip past blank bars.

    I find charts that include rehearsal marks for its sections easier to follow and discuss.


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