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    Default PDF Colors

    Id like to be able to save a PDF with the colors that I'm using in iReal. For example, black background and white text. Unless I missed something, this isn't possible. It would be a great feature for those of us that use tablets and phones on stage. A white PDF is just too bright most of the time.

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    If you used the iRp app on your phone or tablet on stage, you could display your charts in dark mode etc.
    As an alternative to pdf consider using a screenshot image.
    I think the iRp pdf creator only generates black text on a white background.
    PDF’s are usually made to send to someone who doesn’t use iRp so they can PRINT charts.
    If they tried to print a “white text, black background” chart they’d really burn through their printer’s ink supply.

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    Also, we can easily adjust the screen brightness on iPads or any devices if it's too bright. That's what I usually do when the stage is not lit very well.
    Some other reasons to use PDFs (besides sharing with people that don't have IRP), is to display two pages side by side and also to make sure everything is displayed properly (when using symbols or any particular glyphs as text comments that can look differently on some devices)


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