I am looking to play jazz standards against a hiphop/lofi backing track to sound kind of like your typical study beats playlist. I think people would love this. I already hear this genre on the speakers at cafes, lounges, and other public venues where jazz musicians already play.

I can of course export the midi files and import into my DAW, but then I lose the flexibility of the app itself.
The RnB and Soul backings sound a bit, let's say, 90's-esque.

I would love one of two things:
1. A few more modern hip-hop backing tracks, OR
2. A way for me to edit drum sounds directly. Upload samples, edit patterns, etc.

In fact, if there were some open source way to create these, like there is creating chord charts, that could help expand the usability of the app in general.
A huge part of the reason people don't use this app is because it can sound cheesy, so if users/developers had more control and could create their own modern sounds, people would be more inclined to use this for live backing tracks.

Further, if users could monetize their sounds, your company could take a split: increase total addressable market, added revenue stream, eliminate in house product development costs on new sounds.

There's my use case and business case!