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Thread: We Can Only Try - Carroll Coates-Peter Daniels

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    Default We Can Only Try - Carroll Coates-Peter Daniels


    I'm looking for a chart for We Can Only Try, written by Carroll Coates and Peter Daniels. It was originally recorded by Diane Schuur in 1991, I believe, and later covered by Lainie Kazan in 1995.

    Here is a link to Schuur's version:

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    No takers?!?

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    We Can Only Try (Diane Schuur) - Carroll Coates-Peter Daniels

    Merry Christmas from iReal pro

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    Yes indeedie ! Thank you, and a very merry Christmas to you, too !

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    If you perform it and happen to get audio or video please post it somewhere and share a link here.

    We’d love to listen or watch.


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    I planned to include this in my last gig, but my musicians couldn’t follow the chart - halfway through, everyone was lost.

    I hadn’t realized that there is no structure to the chart as it’s written. And I cannot hear the tune sufficiently well to even attempt adding the needed structure.

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    It's a challenge. Ms. Schuur sings it rather freely. But it's certainly possible to follow along in the chart while her YouTube plays.


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