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Thread: Algado charts

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    Pour partage : Europa - Santana

    Europa CHR (jouable-provisoire) - Santana

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    Sorry but except "anacrusis" I just read "blabla"
    I think we’ve identified your problem

    I just read "blabla”
    You need to read the "blabla” again.

    I gave up my time to help you and wrote a detailed answer including:
    Here is how the Break (tacet) and N.C. (No Chord) is used to create silence (no chord, no drums) in current versions of iReal pro.

    That’s what is available, that's how it works.
    I'm pretty much done with you
    except for four more words:
    band. in. a. box.


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    Irony satisfies the ego but does not solve any problem '

    just say "I don't have the solution at the moment"
    I take the bet that the symbol "silence" will appear soon ...

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    Santana Europa, original 45 rpm records 3'37'' 1976

    Santana Europa 1976 45RPM Single - Santana Europa 1976

    Arrangement pour le final reconnaissable

    Santana Europa 1976 45RPM Single 1 CHR - Santana

    Is there a solution for a "Piano - Mezzo Piano - Pianississimo" ending?
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    Santana Samba Pa Ti original 1968

    Samba Pa Ti CHR - Carlos Santana Samba Pa Ti 1968
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    Small modifications

    Afro Blue Coltrane (CHR) - John Coltrane

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    Autumns, part A modified, Leaves for transfert

    Autumn Leaves CHR - Joseph Kosma
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