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Thread: Algado charts

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    Default Algado charts

    Autumn Leaves CHR - Joseph Kosma Modifiť pour intro selon partition

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    Quote Originally Posted by Algado View Post
    Autumn Leaves CHR - Joseph Kosma Modifiť pour intro selon partition
    Your chart still has two faults that will prevent it from playing like you intend.
    The “extra” bar at the start will play on every song repeat unless you label it IN, not A.

    The A mark should be above the first bracket.

    The player will sound the E7 on the 1st beat of the bar unless you add a slash (/) as has been previously described.

    Two more problems. In iRp, bar-repeat signs are entered in the second space of a 4-space measure so they will appear centered in the bar.

    We generally don’t add a repeat bracket at the end of the song’s form.
    The number of song repeats is adjusted by the player setting.
    (Your setting will download with the each chart)
    When there’s a repeat bracket, increasing the player repeat by 1 makes the song play twice more.
    Sometimes a user will start playback near the end of the song to create an “intro” and add 1 to the player making a repeating song form confusing.

    Chart Layout Conventions


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    Tanks for help.

    The Em6 to E7 transition work now well. I'm not sure to understand why
    on the other hand, thanks for the correction of the repeat bracket placement, I was looking for how to avoid the problem.

    Autumn Leaves CHR - Joseph Kosma Modifiť pour intro selon partition Em
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    You missed the bar-repeat signs % but thatís just a cosmetic detail.

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    Your exemple :

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    Transfert to Ipad

    Blues base CHR - CHR

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    [QUOTE=Algado;71880] Your exemple :

    Play the chart slowly with the player, count, listenÖ.
    A single slash in the first space works well, more are for the reader.

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    is there a solution to have 4 beats (or 5 or 6),without chords or drums? If I understood correctly, the "N.C." it's only "no chords"...

    OR MORE : start battery on 4th beat

    Exemple : Santana, Europa

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    I already provided you with the instructions for iRp’s Break feature here:

    That’s what is available, that's how it works.

    You might be able to adjust the number of beats affected by Break by playing with different time signatures. I haven’t experimented with that.

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    Sorry but except "anacrusis" I just read "blabla"

    You did'nt give anny solution to have a 4 bars silence WHEN YOU WANT IT...

    If you don't have the solution, could'nt say "I don't have the solution right now" ??

    On Santana by exemple, how to have 4 bars silence BEFOR the first chord, AFTER the count, with NO battery ? Thanks

    To be clear : The function "Break" do not remove the first beat battery ?

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