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Thread: Blink "Repeat" sign when part is going to be repeated.

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    Lightbulb Blink "Repeat" sign when part is going to be repeated.

    Flash the "Repeat" sign when a part is going to be repeated, or, on the contrary, remove it momentarily if the repetition is not yet read.

    It would be an important facility when we have rather complex pieces like Georgia On My Mind by Ray Charles.

    It is quite easy to be wrong.

    When the cursor (block) arrives at the end of the section, just before the symbol :] , the repetition symbol could flash, or add a symbol, or even better, disappear momentarily if there is no repetition this time.

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    I foud a little DIY to find out where we are in the rehearsals...

    It's not the final response to my request but it helps...
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