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Thread: Wanted to know if this is the right App for my needs

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    Default Wanted to know if this is the right App for my needs

    Hi. I just joined the forum, but before I get the software I wanted to know if this is the right app for my needs. I play guitars (acoustic, solid body and hollow body) and like all styles of music but mainly jazz, pop, and some rock. I do not play outside my house or with others. I bought a BeatBuddy Mini 2 but found it didn't have songs I wanted to play along with or improvise to. Would iReal Pro be the place to settle? Thx

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    Would iReal Pro be the place to settle?
    The answer is an easy one:


    You might enjoy it best on a tablet sized device (in addition to my 6” android phone, I use an mini-sized tablet)

    A Bluetooth powered speaker is helpful for bigger/better sound.

    That's it. You'll use your instruments, music player, YouTube etc. exactly like you do now.

    THOUSANDS of existing play-along transposable chord charts are available at no cost beyond your initial purchase of the app (and maybe the blues and/or salsa style packs if that's what you favor) though the app works great with the included built-in styles.

    Explore the song forums for song titles you like.
    (You’ll need the app to view the charts)

    Search YouTube to see how others use the app.

    Then buy the app in the google play store.
    Download the main playlists and start playing.

    Don’t forget to come up for air…
    Have fun

    We have hundreds of forum members who list their location as “North Carolina”.


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