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Thread: pad/tablet recommendation

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    Question pad/tablet recommendation

    really cool.. I'm using iReal b with my macbook for a while. now I'm looking to buy a pad/tablet, to have my band-in-a-box better placed on the piano

    Question: who can give me a recommendation for a pad/tablet (or a warning which pad/tablet does not work good)
    regarding audio/sound or handling/operation? (besides iPad)

    thanks for your ideas

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    Smile iPad 2

    iReal plays fine on an iPad 2.

    My newbie questions, is there an tune editor/creator for the iPad 2? I'm on the road without my MacBook.

    Question 2 is there a style with better chord voicing, voice leading than what comes with the product? If not, why? This sounds just like the old band in a box.

    Question 3 if answer to above is yes, is the Bill Evans Voicings product of the old band in a box available for iReal? I will pay.

    Observation. Why did the 1200 tune guy pick the 3 worst non legal, original Real Books chosen for the 1200? There are other non legal books with better changes, complete tunes, no missing measures, etc.

    This format is the way all jazz tunes should be issued, with the caveats mentioned above. I welcome any response.

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