I think it would be great if iRP could be enhanced to add an additional track to the file when doing a MIDI export.

This would be (I'll call it) a Block Chord track (BCT).

The purpose of the BCT would be to represent in MIDI the harmony changes of the tune, as they change each measure (or half-measure, or beat ...) as block chords for use in other softwares which import the MIDI.

Basically, the chords, as MIDI, in root position (accounting for slash chords as necessary). These would be derived directly from the lead sheet symbology rather than from the iRP performance(s). This is necessary because, for example, the performance piano or guitar track often has arpeggios or rootless voicings, while the bass notes are on a separate track, etc. The combined harmony, as represented by the lead sheet symbols is not really present on any single track in current iRP MIDI exports.

The reason for a BCT is for use by other softwares, for example:

1. The chord track in Cubase
2. The chord track in Studio One
3. The chord boxes in Scaler2
4. Drag/drop MIDI chord progression import in Rapid Composer

Note: at the highest conceptual level, this is the same information as in a MusicXML export (i.e. the harmony/chords information), however, the BCT would be expressed as MIDI (not XML) for those softwares that work with MIDI as an import format.

With MusicXML export (it's there now, yay!), and with BCT MIDI export (suggested here) iRealPro would be effectively universal in interfacing with all other DAWs and softwares of relevance.

I hope this feature request can be considered and received favorably as a future enhancement. Cheers!