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Thread: Why Canít Piano Be Available For Every Musical Style?

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    Default Why Canít Piano Be Available For Every Musical Style?

    As a piano player I donít want piano in my iReal Pro songs, but I do want guitar. However not many music styles offer guitar as an available instrument. iReal Pro says this is because guitar doesnít sound good in some music styles. That may be true, but shouldnít users be the judge of this, not iReal Pro? Iíve played at countless open mic and jam nights and there is ALWAYS a guitar being played by someone (and sometimes 2 or 3 of them . I canít think of a single song I play that would sound better by not having a guitar in the mix. Itís almost as if iReal Pro was written by guitarists for guitarists (maybe it was?). And if guitar does sound bad in a certain song, then its level can easily be zeroed. But by not having guitar available for all music styles, in my opinion iReal Pro are limiting the appeal of their app.

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    You have probably noticed that in the jazz section there is jazz bossa with piano And in the Latin section the bossa is guitar .
    I’m pretty sure many of the grooves offer a choice between piano and guitar?
    Don't post a playlist as the songs in a Realbook if the changes aren't from the book.
    If you do transcribe changes from a book put it in the title RB1, RB2, GGB, Sher, etc

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    From classical to pop, jazz to bossa nova, this instrument plays a central role in a wide and diverse variety of musical genres. If you want to master the piano in all its glory, it helps to know about all the styles of piano playing that are possible.


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