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Thread: How to find "Blue Bossa" as played by Joe Henderson?

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    Default How to find "Blue Bossa" as played by Joe Henderson?

    I started taking lessons with Bob De Vos. We are learning "Blue Bossa" and he gave me a lead sheet that says by Kenny Durham as played by Joe Henderson.

    Bob told me I could play along with it using iRealPro; he said it is in there. But when I opened iRealPro and searched for "Blue Bossa" I did not find it, only a song with "blue" in the title came up but it's not Blue Bossa.

    Can anyone clue me in to using iRealPro? How can I get the song "Blue Bossa" into iRealPro and play it

    Jim Kroger

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    Please review this helpful info:

    Blue Bossa is included in the main Jazz 1400 playlist

    There are a number of versions in its song discussion thread here

    The Sher Music version is the “as played by Joe...”. It’s the 6th post.



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