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Thread: FaniniStevie charts

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    Default FaniniStevie charts

    Disco Perticoni Fanini (9)

    Individual songs:
    J.S.J.G. - Stefano Fanini
    Melodie and Mariarita - Stefano Fanini
    Slepless Night - Stefano Fanini
    Brazilian - Fausto Perticoni
    Colorise - Fausto Perticoni
    Volo Tra Le Nuvole - Fausto Perticoni
    Babu - Fausto Perticoni
    Alex's Energy - Stefano Fanini
    Rick Rock - Stefano Fanini
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    Please review the guidelines for posting charts:

    Helpful info:

    Always remember to include correct composer information on charts posted in the forums.

    When sharing songs of your own composition, if you could include a link to either an audio file or YouTube, your original chord chart would have some context for others.

    Thank you for sharing your charts

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    Default Now it's ok?

    Now it's ok?
    Thank you Bob!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FaniniStevie View Post
    Now it's ok?
    Thank you Bob!!!
    Thank you


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