If you shared only an image of the chart in question, the whole chart would need to be entered in the editor one step at a time in order to make/try changes to it. Posting the chart correctly allows others to easily download, play and edit.

The Single-bar line closing the measure at the end of a system (line) and starting the measure at the beginning of the next system is (musically) the same barline. (and is automatically placed) That's why it's sometimes necessary to end/start systems with a double-bar. (I'd add a double-bar at the start of your 1st C-section)

Sections are usually opened and closed with double bars.

Chart Layout Conventions

Even though left and right bar lines serve the same function, the editor treats them separately when deleting. It can get confusing. You can accidentally superimpose two, delete one...but it seems to still be there.

In iReal pro the V-mark (verse) functions the same as the IN-mark = play only once unless instructed differently by a DC.
When used to designate a verse/chorus format the player may function differently than you expect.


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