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Thread: COFFEE HOUSE - Singer-songwriters and iReal pro

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    Default COFFEE HOUSE - Singer-songwriters and iReal pro

    iReal pro is a a great tool for Singer-songwriters.

    It can be an in-your-pocket scratch pad for musical ideas.

    A backup band (or rhythm section) for practice or performance.

    You can easily add “Reminder” lyrics as a memory aid.

    Your iRp chart is ready to provide guidance for accompanists.

    How do you use iReal pro in your song writing and small venue performance?


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    It's been my experience (upright bassist) that solo musicians who usually practice alone sometimes begin to take “liberties” with the tempo. While they truly believe they are just being expressive and emotive, they fail to consider the possibility that they may be actually slowing down at the hard parts and speeding up at the easy parts.

    This can make it “adventurous” for their occasional accompanists.

    The way to avoid this situation is to practice against a steady time reference (in addition to your tapping foot).

    The iReal pro player offers a range of choices from metronomic to full band, drums only or just a tasty bass line (my favorite).



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