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Thread: Playlist Synchronisation

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    Default Playlist Synchronisation

    Hi, could it be possible to have a sync option that makes several people (musicians from the same band for example) building and sharing the same playlist like we can do through icloud on several iPad/iPhone/Mac ?

    Thanks for the app ! Itís just fantastic more and more through the years and already was at first day ! 😉


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    Easiest way to do that currently would be to share a Dropbox account.
    When I want to share a iRp chart with another person...
    Share chord chart > iReal pro format, I’ll usually then select email but I could just as easily select Dropbox and (with sharing properly configured) your bandmates would have access and be able to share their material there also.

    Another option is to (post to forums) your material in a single sandbox thread. Your bandmates could also easily download and post charts and playlists there as well.


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