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    Default hide drawer


    now they DO!!
    they don't work in edit mode. kind of makes sense ;-)


    good morning,

    i am in the process of quickly trying to copy some chords from clunky PDFsheets
    my 13 inch screen is a little small to have both pdf and ireal windows on screen.
    the real screen is now very big with two drawers on either side and a songlist.

    am I right to assume that the two "hide drawer" icons on either side in the top are meant to hide those?

    in my case, they unfortunately don't work.
    iReal Version 2022.2 (20220215)

    hiding the drawers would make things a lot easier.
    any suggestions what I do wrong? or what I wrong?

    Hoping to hear!
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    You will not be able to hide the editor panel on the right if you are in edit mode, but you can hide either normally out of the editor (and the left Sidebar can be hidden before you go into the Editor). You will find key commands in the View menu.


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