Hi to all !

First of all, thanks a lot for the creator of this great tool of iRealPro ! I use it a lot and find it wonderful.

I have some suggestions concerning the evolution of the tool : it is very common that some charts have chords that are not quite right or don't sound good, at least with the melody. It happened to me yesterday at a jam, for several tunes.
Sometimes it is because the chords are based on a specific version, or sometimes because it has been copied from another source, or maybe it is mistakes.

The thing is, today it's not possible to have these informations : what's the version the chords are based on ? Who was the transcriptor of the chords ?

I would suggest to make it possible to add these informstions in the chart, and in a wonderful world, I would imagine there would be a way to easily request modifications of the chart (and then some groupe of dedicated musicians would check it and modify the chart maybe). This is what has been done in the Baudoin book charts, and that's very useful.

P.S : If it is possible to change the defaut chord name "Δ7" by "Δ" that would be great. When reading fast, the "7" is confusing because it suggests a m7.

Martin - from Youtube channel "Guitare Improvisation"