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Thread: Frequent crashes

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    Default Frequent crashes

    I am using the Mac version of iReal Pro, but it crashes frequently.
    As far as the iOS version is concerned, it does not crash.
    It may be after updating iReal Pro to the latest version, or it may be due to my Mac with the M1 chip.

    Mac OS Monterey(12.3.1)
    iReal Pro ver 2022.2
    MacBook Pro M1 MAX

    After launching iReal Pro, it crashes at a high rate when I select a song and try to play it. Will an update fix this?

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    Sorry for the inconvenience.Does it happen with every song?
    Do you have the Mac App Store version or the one directly from us?
    Please send us a message to support[at]
    Thank you!

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    Not sure if this helps but I had this issue and it turned out to be the drivers for the Samson Studio GT monitors I use for my external speakers. When I changed the output to use the Internal speakers it worked fine.
    Might be something to try if you are using external speakers.


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