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Thread: Slow Down For practice but retain original tempo

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    Default Slow Down For practice but retain original tempo

    I am a complete novice at this program but have mastered entering songs OK.
    I get it all set up and part of that setup is the tempo. Let us say 123BPM
    Now I go to play a lead part and it is to fast.
    Under the mortarboard you can speed it up and up and up - NO i want to slow down.
    So I go into the tempo section and I can select 80bpm - still too fast down to 60bpm Now it is OK.
    However the song remains at 60bpm and I have lost the 123 bpm.

    Have I missed something? Is there no way to slow the song down without losing the original timing?

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    The song remembers the most recent tempo and style that was last used. The instrument and mixer settings also.

    An easy way to keep track of the “original” tempo is to write it on the chart using the text feature.

    Suggested Tempo - Example

    You can reset/change the tempo of any chart any time (even during play).

    You could also Edit chart, Duplicate, Save. = (<Song Title> 1)
    Adjust the player settings any way you want, the original remains unchanged.


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    Thanks Bob,

    A couple of good suggestions but not the easy solution I was after

    However I probably will use the " keep track of the original by using the text feature"

    Once again thanks for replying.

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