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    Default Chord Diagram size

    I really like how the chord diagrams are displayed during playback on my iPad version of iReal. I like how they only take up the top half of the screen, & when the song gets halfway down the page, the chord diagram window jumps to the top. This way, you can always see where you're at in the song as it's playing.

    But I do not like the way the chord diagrams display during playback on my Mac PowerBook - they're way too big, & the window takes up almost the whole screen. I've tried to resize the window, it won't let me. I thought there was an option for showing Large or Small chord diagrams, but I can't find it now. Have looked in the Help files, Preferences, etc., didn't find any info on this.

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    The “small” chord diagrams are selected in the Font list in chart settings.
    Select the “gear” icon or “Aa” (depending on app version) at the top of a chart. Your choice is global.


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    No, I'm not talking about putting chord diagrams in the chart (as a font) - I'm talking about the "floating" window that shows chord diagrams during playback. In the area w/ all the playback options (tempo, rhythm styles, # of repeats, etc.), there's an option called "Chord Diagrams". It shows chord diagrams one measure at a time during playback.

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    As far as I know, the only available user modification to the chord diagrams is to change the chord voicing.
    (Tap diagram to pause, swipe to change, tap to restart play) the selected voice will be displayed every time that chord presents until changed.

    The size and position is programmed and not user adjustable on iOS and Android.


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    Actually, I did manage to resize the window by dragging the corners of the window diagonally - forgot that Macs prefer that style of re-sizing windows. You can even do that during playback. I've got it moved over to the left of the chart so it's not covering the chart. Thx!

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    Happy you got it sorted


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