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    Quote Originally Posted by pdxdjazz View Post
    You can find the individual songs of the Jazz 1350 list in this thread:
    Individual songs - Jazz 1350

    50 songs added to the old Jazz 1300 list:
    Jazz 1300 to 1350 additions

    Jazz 1300 songs split into 4 parts:
    Jazz 1300 songs in 4 parts
    Usf fall jazz jury (7)

    1. Sonnymoon For Two - Sonny Rollins
    2. Autumn Leaves - Joseph Kosma
    3. Take The A Train - Billy Strayhorn
    4. Tenor Madness Jazz Blues - Sonny Rollins
    5. Blue Bossa - Kenny Dorham
    6. Now's The Time - Charlie Parker
    7. Lester Leaps RC - Sonny Rollins

    Lester Leaps Rhythm Changes is Oleo form with I Got Rhythm chords and a I VI ii V turn around on the first ending.

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