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Thread: Layout of the latest update (2021.6 for iPad)

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    Default Layout of the latest update (2021.6 for iPad)

    I think youíve introduced a new layout in this new update? I want to say first that it is a huge improvement in the cleanliness and overall readability of the charts, so I appreciate that. However, it does make it so all the long charts (9 lines or more) now donít fill the screen (horizontally anyways.) Is there a setting Iím missing or could we have the option in a future update to choose which layout we prefer? Or maybe at least the ability to see the chart in a full horizontal layout that scrolls in landscape mode (like on the iPhone app?) I was enjoying seeing my charts in larger print when I made the switch to iPad Pro (one of the reasons I finally did, actually) and now this update takes that advantage away.

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    Yes I noticed the big interface change also. Took me awhile to figure out where the alt chords were.
    There must be an announcement somewhere ?

    As for your Q I can't imagine reading charts in Landscape mode and I don't recall it ever fitting the page in landscape. . As I recall the layout is the same as portrait but smaller. The side space is just wasted.
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