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Thread: migrate / export just one library to new device

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    Default migrate / export just one library to new device

    I do not want to transfer all my songs to new device, because by mistake years ago I loaded the jazz-list twice and thus have each song doubled. I do not want to have this on my new device. (And sadly it still is not possible, do delete a searched list of songs in one...)
    So I just want to export the library 'last edited' and load all other songs from scratch.
    How can this be easily done?

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    Currently, I don’t know a way to export a "last" list (imported, edited) as a unit.
    The only way I can see to accomplish that would be to step through the song’s in desired list and add each one to a “new” playlist; then export that.

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    Thank you Bob! Thats the way I did it. (sweat!)


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