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    In celebration of Todd Rundgren FINALLY being put in the R&R Hall of Fame, I've been working on entering several of his songs into iReal, so here's a Todd playlist.

    Most of these - "Hello, It's Me", & the songs from his "A Wizard, A True Star" album are ones I did from scratch. The other two are my "improvements" on charts other people posted. There are a couple of other Todd charts on the forum, but they'd take some more work to be more accurate. Have at them if you want, I'm still working on "When the **** Hits the Fan/Sunset Blvd.", it's got an instrumental bridge that's blowing my mind. What a genius Todd is.

    Todd Rundgren for upload (7)

    Individual songs:
    Can We Still Be Friends - Todd Rundgren
    Hello, It's Me - Todd Rundgren
    I Saw the Light - Todd Rundgren
    International Feel - Todd Rundgren
    Just One Victory - Todd Rundgren
    Sometimes I Don't Know What To Feel (add. chords) - Todd Rundgren
    Sometimes I Don't Know What To Feel (simplified) - Todd Rundgren
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