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Thread: Bill (Along Came) - Jerome Kern

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    Default Bill (Along Came) - Jerome Kern

    Hello! I'm looking for the song "Bill" from the musical "Showboat" written by Jerome Kern. I've tried looking on here and am not having any luck. I posted my initial request in the wrong place. Hoping I’m where I’m supposed to be now. Thanks in advance!
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    Previously posted here (Musicals)

    I think it's got potential as a quirky jazz ballad
    Peggy Lee

    You'll find a chart here:

    Please go ahead and write out an iRp chart and share it here.
    Do your best and if you need help just post what you have.



    You can step through it using pause/play/pause/play...


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    This is my version, with slightly different changes from Bob's chart.

    Bill-Rev JE - Jerome Kern

    Jerry Engelbach
    Pianist • Arranger • Composer
    Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, México
    Music Website
    Art Website
    The Internationale Website

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