(not directly related to iReal b, but some of you might be interested)

Mobilesheets - Android

(from their website, Dec 2011)
MobileSheets is one of the first android based sheet music reader applications available on the market. It allows you to carry your entire sheet music (or guitar tablature) library with you wherever you go. It also enhances the experience by providing features that all musicians can appreciate - a built-in metronome, music playback from your library, the ability to jump between pages with a single click, and bookmarking. The best part is being able to quickly find the songs you want in seconds.

This app is similar to unrealbook and forscore (among many others) on iPad.

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Currently running iReal b player in the background while viewing another app in Android is not possible (as you can do with recent iOS devices.)

If anyone has used this, it would be nice to have you post back here about your experience for any others interested.