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Thread: Sequencing Issues

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    Default Sequencing Issues

    When I input chord changes to a song, then go back to edit - change chord qualities for example - I save the changes, it looks correct on the page; but then when I go to play it back, the sequencing of the chords jumps all over the place. It seems obvious that editing messes up the sequencer. Any ideas as to how to address this?
    Thank you!

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    I think I figured it out: I pressed “Duplicate song” and for some reason, that fixed the sequence.

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    "duplicate" is to make changes to a copy of an existing existing chart in your library without changing the original.
    A number is automatically added to the title of the new chart (so you can tell it apart from the original).
    I usually change the number to something more informative.

    For help with a chart, POST THE CHART...



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