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Thread: General improvements for creating/editing charts

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    Default General improvements for creating/editing charts

    One thing that was really a let down for me with ireal pro, especially considering the cost is how lacking it is in terms of being user friendly to create your own charts. Really the most valuable part of the software, is the amazing library it has, which many users have uploaded, so, you'd think with all their success and revenue they must be raking in, that they'd want to make creating and editing charts as user friendly as possible, and would be more prepared to commit resources to that end, so their libraries can continue to grow.

    I realize there's a PC version of ireal Pro, which might make it easier to program charts, but you have to pay for that also, and I really feel like I shouldn't pay them money for providing shortcomings in their app, if you know what I mean.

    Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions, or other ideas, which would let me more easily create my own charts? Perhaps another 3rd party software I could use to save charts to ireal format or something like that?

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    Default General improvements for creating/editing charts

    I find the way ireal pro works for editing is very clunky, and doesn't have the polish I'd expect for such an expensive app.

    The main thing, is the way you need to use the bar icon to remove bars, and you need to use the right one, on top of that. They both look the same, but one is right "handed" and the other is left handed. This can be really annoying. Also the way you need to enter spaces and everything like that, is just over complicated, and spaces don't always appear where you'd expect them to. The editor should really function just as easily as this text editor I'm using right now. The only difference is, the symbols available. I realize that programming is complicated, and this is very likely far more complicated to implement than I'd imagine, but, ireal pro, at that price point, must have the resources available to improve their app in this regard. It's the only real flaw it has, that I can tell, and until they fix that, even with their extensive library, Idk if they'll ever be safe from competitors.

    If anyone has any ideas for making creating charts a lot easier, I'm all ears.

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    You are certainly entitled to your opinions regarding ease of use and expense.

    Expense: for less than half the cost of a single Fakebook you get thousands of transposable chord charts PLUS a BIAB style player (yes, it's not as full-featured but, have you priced BIAB lately?) more iRp features as well.
    I think iRp is a bargain!

    Ease of use: yes, there's a learning curve. More features = more to learn. Sounds to me like you need more practice using the editor. Have you used a template instead of starting with a blank page?

    What other charting programs have you used?
    BIAB, finale, MuseScore, Sibelius?
    How do they compare for ease of use?

    Actually there is NOT a windows (PC) version of the app. In addition to MAC and iOS versions there is an Android version that some users have had success using within an android-emulator (eg. Bluestacks) on a PC.

    You just joined the Forums, how long have you been using iReal pro?


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    Once you get familiar with the editor, it's very fast to edit charts. It's actually faster for me to edit a chart on IRP than writting a chart by hand on a piece of paper!
    Once you have memorized most of the chord suffixes, you don't even need to go to the chord library. You can just add chords directly with the keyboard, which is time saving.
    Of course, there's always a few things that could be improved (such as adding embedded rhythm notation fonts, adding a 4th ending, more rehearsal letters, more chord symbols, etc...).
    Some people might prefer a simple and basic interface with less features. Others might prefer a more advanced interface with more features. I personally prefer a more advanced interface with more features!

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    It is really not that difficult to become adept at using the editor. It just takes a little practice.


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