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    Default IRealPro-Source Connect- Logic Pro X - zoom

    I'm looking for a way to route the output of irealpro into logic pro x. From there I want to use Source Connect Nexus to send into zoom while I am teaching lessons. Anybody got any ideas?

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    When you get it sorted out, please post a description of what you do and how you do it in the Teachers Lounge here:


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    Loopback might work for you since you are wanting to route audio in various ways. There is a trial version for testing. (There presumably are similar apps.)
    And Apple provide the option to create aggregate devices (Utilities>Audio MIDI Setup) if you have audio interfaces involved (e.g. external microphone)

    BlackHole might help (which apparently is a replacement or update to Soundflower, which has been around for years).
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    Hi everybody.

    I am a long time user of iReal Pro and I often use iReal Pro songs as backing tracks when recording in Logic Pro.

    Last week, I uploaded an improvised guitar solo over rhythm changes video to YouTube using this process. This week's YouTube video video is a walkthrough demonstrating how I do this. I have also created a blog post walkthrough for those who prefer reading rather than watching. Hopefully the content will be helpful to other iReal Pro users and will expand your creative possibilities.

    iReal Pro to Logic Pro video walkthrough -
    Blog post walkthrough -
    Last week's rhythm changes video using an iReal Pro track -
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