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Thread: Do you recommend iReal Pro or Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro?

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    Default Do you recommend iReal Pro or Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro?

    I already have a hard copy of the Real Book. My main goal is to use one of these apps for practicing and exercises. Have you used either of these apps? What are your thoughts? I eventually want to buy both, but want to know which would be best to buy first. If it helps, I’m a guitarist.

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    Many iReal pro user videos on YouTube.
    Also here

    Practice mode with looping, automatic adjustable tempo increases and/or key changes

    Thousands of chord charts,

    Tons of practice exercises

    iReal pro is used by musicians of all levels and instruments worldwide.


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    IRealPro !
    I have both and I quite never use MTH. In my opinion useless.

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    I am a windows user so I can't have MTH. Granted the new MTH Pro 8 version sounds better, but it is more expensive. I guess it all depends what you want to use the app for.
    You can compare both together on their YouTube channel.

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    I would prefer to compare apples to apples - using equivalent styles, the same instruments and instrument levels and the same amount of reverb.
    Just watching the video, I thought iRp was much easier to read.
    MTH was -$20 with unspecified in-app purchases.
    As far as I know, iRp offers a dozen tasty blues-styles bundled for ~$4 if that’s your thing. Everything else currently available is included.

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    It looks to me as if MTH is $44.

    I never heard of that app until now. Nothing on their website tells how to use it.

    I have nothing against using multiple programs. I use several different notation, MIDI, and audio processing apps.

    However, the MTH tutorial videos are harmony lessons. That seems to be the main purpose of that app.

    Not meaning to knock anyone's product, but I've been a musician for 60 years and I couldn't follow their lessons, with complicated diagrams and complicated explanations.

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    I think that Mapping Tonal Harmony (MTH) is being greatly underestimated - it has better sound quality, provides an impressive method of harmonic analysis and harmonisation), produces higher quality materials, and is better for learning both as a beginner jazz musician and as one who wishes to get into advanced learning. It only compares unfavourably with IReal Pro (IRP) in the areas of cost, user base and engagement (the forum), and the availability of sheets (far more numerous, easily downloadable, and available at no cost).

    MDecks have just released "MHT Jazz Playalong" which is free. You can dismiss this on the basis that the user has to pay for in-app purchases (that provide the jazz standards which IRP users can get for free) but this is obviously a move that is taking aim at the same users that are interested in IRP and this "competition" is set to become more difficult for IRP ([IMO] Windows and Android versions of MTH are on their way, probably finished [or nearly complete] and just waiting for the right time to release).

    Over the years IRP has been slow to make improvements and updates have been ok but not impressive. IRP needs to improve their sound engine, introduce major improvements (e.g. melody and sheet music features [yes, I know that IReal pro can't reproduce copyright melodies but there are other things you can do], much more interesting and varied rhythms, user defined rhythms, reharmonisation and simplifying harmony features, harmonic analysis, etc), introduce minor (what should be trivial) changes (like chords, user-defined chords and images) quickly and develop a vision for the future (because it obviously isn't being provided by the feature request forms) - I'm afraid that I don't see IReal Pro doing any of this at present.

    There is a lot IRP could learn from MTH.

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    I use both but with the silent brass trumpet mute with both of the app’s’ backing tracks of the songs. Great for practicing those tunes with them. Edit: I mean the play alongs on both the apps.
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